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Since 2000

To some extent web will always be a game. A game where everybody wants to play with confidence and professionalism.

In Sanskrit, the view on life as a game is called "Leela".

Our projects

SKK “Galaktica”
“Turnkey” site development (management, programming, content)
Aquamarine Projects
“Turnkey” site development (management, programming)
Development, programming, content, sales
Spring Free
Development, programming, content, sales
Large Christmas Trees
Development, programming, content, sales
Artificial Christmas trees
Development, programming, content, sales
HappyHop Inflatable trampolines
Development, programming, content, sales
  • 1 Writing the technical task
    At the stage of writing the technical specifications your task (which you want to solve with your website) becomes clearer; as well as the scope of required work and the nature of main tasks to be solved by the site.
  • 2 Studying the target audience,
    concept creation
    We will study the target audience of the website, analyze competitors’ websites. We’ll develop scenarios of behavior of visitors from different target audiences. The site structure will be created based on the fact, how the site will work. We guarantee the absence of ‘extra’, unnecessary services. Only what you need for your business to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • 3 Selecting semantic core
    Selection of semantic core - a study of online demand for your services / products; having the information about this demand and creating a semantic core we can start with the site structure, content creation or update.
  • 4 Creating a prototype
    and working with usability
    Before you invest in the development, we will have a look "into the future" and see how the site will look and work. We will make sure that your wishes and plans are consistent with our vision of the problem. The understanding between the customer and the performer is 50% of success.
  • 5 Design
    By the time we start with the design we have an approved prototype. It will save time and will help to avoid unnecessary rework. Website design should not be “like our competitors have”, “very beautiful” or “cool”. All elements of the design should serve the purpose of the site.
  • 6 HTML Markup
    After the design is agreed (in the form of a “picture”), it is necessary to move it to the web - encode it into HTML / CSS / JS. HTML site still can not work as an independent element, but it allows us to understand how it will look and work.
  • 7 Programming
    At the stage of programming a prototype finally turns into a working site with the design. The site is functional now, only content should be placed. You can “feel and touch” the site on this stage. Yesterday it was a project, and today - a tool almost ready to deal with the visitors!
  • 8 Content
    The content includes not only the text and graphics, but all the elements of the user interface: the menus, letters to customers, product descriptions, etc.
  • 9 Testing and launching
    During the testing phase we check the site, work on security issues, involve real users. In fact, testing begins with the prototyping stage. This helps to avoids the situations where a site has already been created, but unprepared user can find the information on it.

We will carefully stufy the specifics of your business whether it is a shop of childrens equipment, B2B, educational institution, or something else.

"Lila" Studio cherishes its reputation. We will not cooperate with extremist, political or religious organizations.


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